LiTTiO X in Slovenia

 📷: Laura Rosal

We are super happy to announce that LiTTiO X has its first date in Kočevje, Slovenia. Ángela Gemio and me are going to present there a workshop about poetry and performance called "MistaKs are ok". As "end of the fiesta" we are preparing a sound performance with the same title. It will be during 29th and 30th of October, at primary school Ob Rinži.
This is part of the initiative "The Writer's Room", an international literary residence that I enjoyed six years ago in the same small town, Kočevje. Where I composed and wrote my last poetry book, Más cicatrices me hacen más alta.

And, then, when we finish our work in Kočevje we are going to be in Ignor Festival, at KUD Channel Zero (Metelkova Mesto), Ljubljana. Presenting the same, and always different (as our essence commands), "MistaKs are ok".

We are thankful, looking forward to seeing our good Slovenian friends and the new public.

I've prepared a NOpoesia work for this trip, some kind of gift-installation. Ready for Slovenian streets:

Only work in process can become art.
All is about Intermedia Art, NO-art or UN-art.
El camino, el camino, el camino.

Work: Fake polaroid with real items, handwritten poem (fragment), Cerruti 1881 Pen, envelope, lined paper.

#TakethestreetsPlease; as Miss Beige, a friend of LiTTiO X, could say.

Special thanks to Maruša Mlekuž, Andreja Mlekuž, Lela B. Njatin, Pisateljska Soba, Dejan Koban (Ignor Festival), Tibor Hrs Eppinger Pandur, Nina Dragicevic, Brane Mozetic (Center for Slovenian Literature) and the city hall of Kočevje.

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