in English, honey!

1981, Elche –Alicante- Spain
Spanish writer, poet, journalist / copywriter /
social media and cultural manager.

Alicia G. has a degree in Journalism and she did some investigations of PhD in Spanish Language and Literature. She has been working in mass media: TV, newspapers and, over all, in radios like CADENA SER. In 2008 she was appointed as a manager director of a Center of Contemporary Art (CCCE L’Escorxador) and of a concert hall called La Llotja Sala Cultural.  She has directed several festivals, such as the so-called “Nosomostanraros” / “We are not that weird” during its four editions. While holding this position during four years, she received an award: Premio Tablas 2010 / Stage Award 2010 (Federació de Teatre Amateur of the Valencian Community), rewarded to the public person whom most supported Amateur Theatre.

She has published two poetry books:

-Sombras cuarteadas de neón (Cracked shadows of neon), November, 2011. Cangrejo Pistolero Ediciones.

-La historia sin nosotras (The story without us), March, 2011. Desktop publishing.
The third one is about to be published in 2014 by Baile del Sol Ediciones.

She has performed in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Sevilla, Alicante, Murcia, Valencia, Berlin, Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Marnay-sur-Seine (France).
Performance art is part of the method to develop her work.
She has enjoyed her stays in two residences for artists: Center for Slovenian Literature, Center za slovensko književnost, (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and CAMAC, Center for art, science and technology, Marnay-Sur-Seine, France.
He has participated in several collective exhibitions, and a few months ago, in November, she did her first solo exhibition, called NOpoetry, in La Lonja del Pescado Hall, Alicante.

Nowadays, she works in the field of art and journalism as a freelance.


-Recently I enjoyed a residency of literature from the Center For Slovenian Literature, and I performed in Ljubljana and Kocevje. September 2012. 

-December, 2011: Second poetry’s book published: Sombras cuarteadas de neón (Cracked shadows of neon), Illustrations: David Gil, artist and designer. Ed. Cangrejo Pistolero Ediciones. National distribution. There is a part of the book, its digital form:

- I received an award:
PREMIO TABLAS 2010 / STAGE AWARD 2010 (Federació de Teatre Amateur of the Valencian Community) to the public person who from her public employ has supported Amateur Theater.

-March, 2011: First poetry’s book, desktop publishing: La historia sin nosotras (The story without us), Ed. Tabala. Autodistribution.

-June, 2010, Elche (Alicante). Participation with poetry in the exhibition “La Memoria en el Laberinto” / “Memories in the labyrinth”, with national and international writers and artists like Rafael Canogar. Is a tribute to the poet Miguel Hernández.

-Since September, 2008: Collaboration with poetry in Fanzine Fetiche (Fanzine Fetish), Alicante. Since 2010-nowadays: Collaborations with Fanzine Infierno Suave (Fanzine Soft hell).
-Publication of short storys in the books: Relatos Urbanos, Reflejos de Asfalto (Urban stories, Asphalt reflections; December, 2007) and Relatos Urbanos, Un libro llamado deseo (Urban stories, A book called desire; November, 2008). Ed. ECU.
-April, 2006.  Poetry in the book of VVAA called Entorno (Around), Ed. Triquiñuela, Alicante. With the pseudonym of Álex Bohe.

-October, 2005. Artist of the month in the art magazine Vulture.

-Finalist in the poetry prize “IV Ciclo de Poesía y Prosa Temáticas de Alicante-Murcia; 2003-2004”. The works were published.

-December 2002. Finalist in the poetry prize “Poesía Joven de Alzira” / Young Poetry of Alzira, Valencia. The works were published in a prestigious Spanish publishing house: Editorial Bromera, with the title Alquimia / Alchemy.



Give me the light that long ago
you had for me.
Confer at least some mystery
upon what you haven't believed
Behave and don't be haunted by THE SAME

Let the others deal with The Impossible
Be yourself and kill them all
out of love or warmth
but kill them all (and let God sort them out)
Then tell it to me straight
in case I still stand you by then.


And now, where do I fit this august,
its charmless hours, its goodbyes
and its devoid streets.
Where do I hide these broken caresses
and that same light whising to appear?

Three unpublished poems written, originally, in English:

This is the time, my party,
and you don’t want to know it,

But it is. I am…
Within something especial,
without you.
More or less, you know.
This is life, or not;
always yours.

THIS 2 are 1, in fact
This is so amazing,
honey, and, now,
please: leave the room.
I don’t want to hear about you.
Never more, as said Poe
in the past,
back to the past,
I beg you, yes, another time.

In these labyrinths we breathe:
is the eternal return or recurrence,
Nietzsche knew it better than you and me.

Alicia G.


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